Jan 20, 2015

Sofscape Tire Recycling System

SofscapeMagazineAd copySofscape is taking the tire recycling industry to a whole new level with the introduction of its 3rd generation molding system. The Sofscape patented molding line converts crumb rubber, produced from waste tires, into high quality rubber products in 25 seconds.

Sofscape Caribe doesn’t follow the traditional molding process that uses one set of molds, static hydraulic presses and long curing times (7 to 1 2 minutes) nor does it require manual filling or manual extraction of the finished product.

The Sofscape molding process produces 3 molded units every 25 seconds. This process is accomplished by the dynamic flow of the molds through an automated line. The molds automatically move through the various stations (filling, leveling, compression, curing, and extraction) in a seamless and automated fashion.

Sofscape president and founder, Jose E. Valentin a Polymer Engineer, developed Sofscape Caribe’s first commercial molding line for the manufacture of rubber pavers.

There are several innovations that make for a unique and efficient process: The entire process is controlled by a proprietary PLC program which ensures precise movements of the molds throughout the various stages of the operation.

The probability of human error in the filling and mixing (rubber & resin) stages has been virtually removed thanks to automation. The PLC controlled operations make for a consistent end product in which thickness and weight (density) remain constant throughout and between batches. The result is a low reject rate efficient process which requires limited personnel to operate and produces a superior quality and consistent product.

The molding system consumes 1,700 lb of crumb rubber per hour making it a perfect solution for waste tires recycling projects.

For the past 10 years the Sofscape technology has been successfully in use in the United States and in the United Arab Emirates. The complete molding system is manufactured in the U.S. and complies with all applicable safety codes such as UL, CSA and OSHA.

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